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Abbreviations and hanky codes are traditional forms of signaling to other gay men what your sexual preferences and interests are. Although color codes are not as widely used today, it is still a worthwhile resource. Abbreviations, however, are commonly used in emails and online profiles.

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   ? IV  HIV ???    Heavy SM Top   Heavy SM Bottom
   +VE  HIV Positive      Bondage Top     Bondage Bottom
   4:20  Pot Friendly      Fist Fucker     Fist Fuckee
   8=====>~~(_O_)  Fill My Hole      Two-Handed Fister     Two-Handed Fistee
   A2M  Ass to Mouth      Pisser / Water Sports     Piss Freak
   B/D  Bondage / Discipline      Wants Head     Cock Sucker
   BB  Bareback      Fucker     Fuckee
   BBM  Bi Black Male      Dildo Fucker     Dildo Fuckee
   BDSM  Bondage / Discipline / S/M       Tit Torcher     Tit Torcheree
   BF  Boyfriend      Piercer     Piercee
   BHM  Bi Hispanic Male      Hung 8" or More     Wants A Big One
   BWM  Bi White Male      Two Looking For One     One Looking For Two
   CBT  Cock / Ball Torture      Suck My Toes     Shrimper
   CD  Cross Dresser      Lick My Pits     Armpit Freak
   Chem Friendly  Likes to Do Drugs      Anything Anytime     Nothing Now
   CP  Corporal Punishment      Cowboy     His Horse
   D/S  Dominate / Submissive      Hustler (Seller)     John (Buyer)
   Dom  Enjoys Dominating Another      Daddy     Boy
   DP  Double Penetration      Military Top     Military Bottom
   F/B  Fuck Buddy      Smokes Cigars     Likes Cigars
   Felching  Eat a Load Out of a Guys Ass      Spanker     Spankee
   FF  Fist Fucking      Rimmer     Rimmee
   FRA  French Active (Receive Oral)      Scat Top     Scat Bottom
   FRP  French Passive (Give Oral)      Rubber Top     Rubber Bottom
   GAM  Gay Asian Male      Beat My Meat     I'll Do Us Both
   GBM  Gay Black Male
   GHM  Gay Hispanic Male
   Safe Sex Top
  Safe Sex Bottom
   GRA  Greek Active (Top)
   Furry Bear
  Likes Bears
   GRP  Greek Passive (Bottom) 1    Two Tons of Fun 1   Chubby Chaser
   GWM  Gay White Male 2    Uncut 2   Likes Uncut
   HWP  Height / Weight Proportionate 3    Cut 3   Likes Cut
   IRL  In Real Life (Face-to-Face) 4    Has / Takes Videos 4   Performs for the Camera
   ISO  In Search Of 5    Voyeur 5   Exhibitionist
   J/O  Jack Off 6    Wears Boxer Shorts 6   Likes Boxer Shorts
   K9  Interest in Bestiality 7    Likes Muscle Bottom 7   Likes Muscle Top
   LOL  Laughing Out Loud 8    Has Tatoos 8   Likes Tattoos
   LTR  Long Term Relationship 9    Outdoor Sex Top 9   Outdoor Sex Bottom
   M2M  Man to Man 10    Cuddler 10   Cudlee
   Neg  HIV ( - ) Negative
   P/P or PNP  Party and Play (Drugs / Sex)
   PA  Prince Albert (Cock Piercing)


2  Brown Lace 7  Gold Lamé
3  Brown Satin 8  Leopard
4  Black Velvet


 Mosquito Netting 
5  White Velvet


 Teddy Bear
   Party Favors  Drugs (Crystal / X / Pot / Etc.)
   Poz  HIV ( + ) Positive
   R/T  Real Time (Real Connection)
   S/M  Sado-Masochism
   Scat  Shit (Literally)
   Sub  Submit to Domination
   T/S  Transexual
   T/V  Transvestite
   TT  Tit Torture
   UC  Uncut
   VA  Verbal Abuse
   Vanilla  Standard Sex (Suck / Fuck)
  -VE  HIV ( - ) Negative
   VGL  Very Good Looking
   VWE  Very Well Endowed (Hung)
   WE  Well Endowed (Hung)
   WS  Water Sports

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